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In addition to our other services, we also offer plugins to meet your custom needs, based on our work with churches. As part of our dedication to supporting and building this community, all our plugins will be offered free of charge in the Rock Shop to help extend Rock for your organization.

For more information about our plugins, or any questions about them, please contact us.
If you would like to request a feature or report a bug, please do so here.

Image for Agency Theme

Agency Theme

This Theme is designed for your public facing Rock site. It's based on an open source bootstrap theme, Agency. This Theme includes customized layouts, additional lava templates, and a custom block for a staff section.

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Image for Open Connections Digest

Open Connections Digest

This Plugin creates a Job that when ran will send out an email to every connector in the selected group with a list of open connection requests.

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Image for Workflow Extensions

Workflow Extensions

The Workflow Extensions plugin gives you a set of new Workflow Actions to both help save time while crafting workflows, allow you to easily create user entry forms that save to the person record, and expand what you’re able to do with workflows themselves.

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Image for BEMA Rock RMS Support

BEMA Rock RMS Support

Love Rock but wish there was someone to reach out to when things just don't go as planned, or you just need an extra helping hand? This plugin provides the ability to submit a support request and manage your support requests straight from within your own Rock environment.

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Image for BEMA Ministry Safe Integration

BEMA Ministry Safe Integration

The Ministry Safe plugin allows you to integrate Ministry Safe with Rock and assign awareness trainings to your employees and volunteers, as well as record the results in Rock. This allows you to easily keep track of which volunteers require training.

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Image for Page Parameter Filter

Page Parameter Filter

This plugin adds a block that allows you to more easily filter dynamic data reports and dashboards by allowing you to create your own custom filters and pushing them to the query string, where your dynamic data code can access them.

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Image for Remote Check Deposit

Remote Check Deposit

This plugin allows you to remotely deposit checks with your bank. You have the option of selecting one or more batches, and Rock will then generate an ICL (Image Cash Letter) file for you to upload to your bank.

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Image for eSPACE Quick Event

eSPACE Quick Event

The eSPACE Quick Event plugin allows current eSPACE customers to quickly create events from within Rock.

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Image for SurveyGizmo Integration

SurveyGizmo Integration

For those of you who current use SurveyGizmo when interacting with your attendees, the Survey Gizmo plugin gives you the ability to tie your Survey Gizmo surveys into Rock person records by mapping survey questions to their corresponding Person Attributes.

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