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BEMA Information Technologies is a highly recognized provider of IT services to churches, schools and medium-sized businesses. We are 15 years old, have grown without a sales force and do not advertise. Our consistent growth comes from hiring people who are technical, communicate well and perform at a high level.

We provide consulting services to over 80 churches in the Greater Houston Area. We are seeking a developer to help our team customize church management systems. The best qualified candidate will have a passion for helping churches operate efficiently.

We are a bit different.
– We care about people, your family and your career development
– We don’t want you working overtime
– We strive to over communicate, rather than under
– We do what we say we are going to do

You will:
– Provide development expertise addressing church management application needs
– Ability to manage and contact different clients while working remotely
– Be exposed to many different church environments
– Grow your technical skill set

Preferred candidate will possess the following:
– SQL expertise
– C# experience
– Experience working with churches
– Experience working with member management software (Arena, F1, Rock, etc)

Please email your resume to recruiter@bemaservices.com or submit your resume to our website www.bemaservices.com on the Careers portal.
Compensation: Will pay for depth of skill, hands-on experience, communication savvy and previous church service experience.

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