Rock RMS Migrations

Changing software systems is a daunting task, the church can’t stop and wait while the change is in process. We have a proven process to guide you through this change and experts to assist along the way.

  • Our Process

  • On-boarding and Discovery

    The best software system is one that empowers your ministry to be better. We always start every project with a detailed understanding of your ministry and goals - all before one line of code is written.
  • Data Migration

    We will walk you through the initial move of data from your legacy system into Rock, data clean-up, and the final migration prior to go-live. We'll also setup Azure, install Rock, and the basic services needed for both.
  • Development

    Sometimes the best code is the line that you don’t write. To us, development encompasses all the technical expertise to execute the best possible solution. Whether it’s configuring core Rock, a custom plugin, a workflow suite, or a few lava templates - we employ the entire toolbox to implement a practical solution.
  • Testing

    Testing can't be overstated. Our team will perform thorough technical checks on features and data, including a comprehensive review prior to go-live. We'll also work to train your team in how to use their personal knowledge to perform spot checks on data and other aspects of the system.
  • Training

    From the Database Administrator, to “super-users”, to staff and volunteers - it’s imperative that everyone on your team understands how to interact with Rock. Our training is tailored to the nuts and bolts of your Rock solution and covers general Rock knowledge as well.
  • Go-Live

    While Go-Live may feel like crossing the finish line, it’s only the beginning of your Rock adventure. We know a change of this scale is stressful no matter how prepared you are. That’s why we have checklists, timelines, reviews and all the other minutiae ready to go as we take you live on Rock.
  • Supported Migrations

  • Fellowship 1

  • Church Community Builder

  • Shelby Arena

  • Shelby v5

  • Shelby Next

  • Realm ACS

  • The City

  • Elexio

  • Ministry Platform

  • Rock

  • Google Docs

  • Custom Solutions

Communication is Key

  • Daily Status Calls

    Work starts here. Every scheduled development day, will start with a quick video call to review last week's work, answer questions, and communicate our plan for the upcoming day.
  • Email Summaries

    Know what is planned and review what we've done. Every day will start and end with tasklist of work planned, then work accomplished. Notes and links included - all linking back to your project management board. Keep everyone on your team informed and an eye on progress.
  • Quarterly Reviews

    Keep your vision front and center. Details are crucial, but so is the big picture. We schedule time every quarter to review our progress, plan future goals, and set deliverables.

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