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We know that moving to Rock involves more than just migrating your data. Your church has unique processes that are critical to your mission and purpose. Our goal is to help your church realize Rock’s full potential by engaging in meetings with your various ministries and talking through all of your current processes and how they can be improved with Rock.

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Need help with everything? This is for you. Contact us for a full service move to Rock RMS.


Moving from a different system? Take your data with you. We can help get you ready to go.


Need training from an expert? We're Master Class Trainer certified. Doesn't get any better than that.

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Daily support you can count on. Our team can help keep Rock running smoothly, so you can focus on ministry.

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Agency Theme

This Theme is designed for your public facing Rock site. It's based on an open source bootstrap theme, Agency. This Theme includes customized layouts, additional lava templates, and a custom block for a staff section.

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Image for Open Connections Digest

Open Connections Digest

This Plugin creates a Job that when ran will send out an email to every connector in the selected group with a list of open connection requests.

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Image for Workflow Extensions

Workflow Extensions

The Workflow Extensions plugin gives you a set of new Workflow Actions to both help save time while crafting workflows, allow you to easily create user entry forms that save to the person record, and expand what you’re able to do with workflows themselves.

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