Rock RMS Support

Rock RMS is a great tool for churches. It’s designed to be configurable and can be customized to meet the needs of your church. But that can be confusing and frustrating at times as well. Which way is best to do things? Why is my Rock system different than others?

BEMA can provide the experience and assistance to answer questions and supplement your church’s team to make sure you are getting the most out of Rock.

  • Key Features

    Consistent help when you need it. Take the headache out of Rock and focus on your ministries and their needs.
  • Responses within 24 hours

    Average response time is less than 30 minutes
  • Security Assessments

    Quarterly vulnerability review to keep Rock running smoothly
  • Managed Upgrades

    Take the stress out of Rock upgrades - let us handle them
  • 2 hours of Admin/Training Time per Month

    Our Rock expert as part of your team
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  • Extras

    Ongoing support is just the beginning, take full advantage of Rock with access to exclusive reports and custom solutions
  • Access to BEMA custom reports library

    New reports added every month
  • Access to BEMA custom integrations library

    Additional ways to get the most use out of Rock
  • Access to knowledge base and how-to guides

    Custom guides and FAQ’s exclusively for our support clients
  • Monthly Video Training

    Join in for monthly training on new and exciting features of Rock
  • Early Access to new BEMA plugins

    Exclusive updates and early access to new blocks before anyone else gets them

Admin/Training Time

Support comes with 2 hours of Admin time per month. Additional hours can be purchased at a discounted rate. Admin time cannot be used for custom code or development tasks (Workflows, SQL, Lava), but we’ll be glad to give you an estimate on development projects.

  • Admin Examples

    Use Admin/Training time to enhance your use of core Rock. Make complex tasks simple.
  • Data Views

    Find people in a geographic area
  • Rock Reports

    Turn a data view into a dynamic report with filters and more! One report can replace many.
  • Event Registrations

    Is camp coming up? Let us setup your registration for you. Just give us the details.
  • Check-In

    Launching a new campus? Take the guess work out of check-in and let one of our experts set it up for you.
  • Training Examples

    Use Admin/Training time to strengthen your team’s knowledge of Rock
  • Groups and More

    Dive into the best way to set up groups and group attributes
  • Volunteer Scheduling

    A hands-on lesson on how to implement out volunteer scheduling
  • Lunch and Learn

    Schedule a training session to teach your staff tips and tricks to get the most out of their Rock experience

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